If you walk through the Gears of Leo office in Stockholm, you’re bound to notice the numerous, colorful, small, rubber ducks perched on top of people’s monitors. Sure, a purple rubber duck reading a book is adorable and brightens up any desk. But did you know that the rubber ducks scattered throughout our office are more than just cute decoration? In fact, they’re actually a powerful problem-solving tool.

Better known as Rubber Duck Debugging, this method involves reading lines of code out loud to a rubber duck in order help you find your mistake. Often, reading something out loud forces us to slow down, which makes it easier to find an error we might have overlooked; this is a common proofreading practice. But having a rubber duck to read to makes the process of finding errors a lot more fun! Whether you’re programmer or not, rubber duck debugging can be used to help you work through any kind of tricky problem.

So next time you find yourself getting frustrated with lines of code that aren’t doing what you want or you can’t find a friend to read that cover letter you’re about to send, trying asking a rubber duck for help!