It is one thing to learn about theories in the classroom, but it is another thing to actually apply them in the booming business world. Gears of Leo provides me the opportunity to contribute to something bigger alongside my studies so that I can have a more well-rounded education combining both practical and theoretical lessons.

I first moved to Stockholm from California, USA in 2015 to begin my Bachelor’s studies in Business Administration and Political Science at Stockholm Business School. While I was in my fifth semester, I came across a job ad for a Talent Acquisition Assistant posted by Gears of Leo. After reading the job description, I immediately realized that this was something that I definitely was interested in. Plus, Gears of Leo seemed like a pretty cool company. It appeared to be a win-win situation to me.

My first few weeks were both challenging and fulfilling. Going through the on-boarding process as well as figuring out that my time management skills needed some polishing up pushed me to both grow as an individual and into the Talent Acquisition Assistant role. Everyday brings a new challenge to tackle which has grown my interest in the tech industry tremendously. The high level of responsibility and trust that I share amongst my team is something that I would not have expected to find in a part-time job.

Since I am studying in my last year and want to make the most of it, I have come up with some future goals that I want to accomplish here at Gears of Leo. First, I want to help the company grow as much as possible (since that is also my job). Second, I want to improve my skills whether it be in social media, Photoshop, or pitching candidates. Finally, I want to go to Malta again for the next Summer Summit! The warm sun and sandy beaches are practically calling my name…

In all seriousness, Gears of Leo is a great company to work for and I am honored to be a part of the LeoPack!

Christopher,  Talent Acquisition Assistant