Our teams are simply the best!

We work hard to create a workplace which is diverse and inclusive, where you can have a great work-life balance and love the work you do.
We asked some of our team members two questions…
1. How would you describe our company culture?
2. What keeps motivating you at Gears of Leo?

Talent Acquisition Manager

HR Manager

UX Designer

Head of finance

QA Engineer

Product Manager

JS Engineer

JS Engineer

Java Developer

Business Intelligence

This is what they answered…

1. We are lucky to work in a company where imagination, creativity, and play aren’t only encouraged, they’re required.

2. Having the mandate to really make a difference regarding one of the most crucial business areas, hiring the best professionals in the world.

1. Very welcoming, prestigeless, helpful and first and foremost we have amazingly fun together! A day at work is a day spent with friends!

2. I get motivated by working together with extremely clever and driven people, this is something all my colleagues have in common.

1. A fun, friendly and collaborative workplace that value diversity and change.

2. The fact that I can make a difference, by having a culture that is open to new ideas and initiatives.

1. Gears of Leo is a fast growing and highly entrepreneurial company.

2. What motivates me in Gears of Leo is the opportunity to truly make a difference, whether you work within Finance, Tech, BI, Product or other.

1. There is an emphasis on education, employee empowerment, work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle.

2. What keeps me motivated is that I get to challenge myself every day within my area of expertise.

1. Whether looking at our products, our processes or our after works, we encourage and support any initiatives to improve on all aspects of what we do.

2. Constantly new challenges and working with really skilled people.

1. Gears of Leo has a great atmosphere, where a relaxed environment meets opportunities to improve your skill set.

2. At Gears of Leo we strive to be the best in our business. That makes room for exploration of future technologies and writing code that is up to date with today’s standards.

1. Gears of Leo’s company culture is very transparent and has a keen awareness to quality, from our personal growth to our product delivery and offerings.

2. What motivates me is being able to deliver true business value based on my knowledge and skills

1. Gears Of Leo consists of people with all kind of competences and backgrounds coming together and doing what we like the most with an entrepreneurial spirit.

2. What motivates me most is that I feel that I can truly affect my work on a daily basis, which makes me really proud of what we do, as I feel that am a part of the product.

1. We are trusted to make decisions about how to do things, cared for with great benefits, have good work-life balance and lots of fun together.

2. What keeps motivating me at Gears is that there is always new things to learn – things are constantly evolving as the company grows, which keeps the challenges fresh.