As I am writing this I am completing my third week at Gears of Leo. While my head is still spinning slightly from learning new names, new faces and the standard company lingo, I am trying to sort out the impressions I have gotten during my, still very short, time here.

A company that has grown over 70% in staff in just two years has many challenges to face – especially in trying to maintain and cultivate a company culture and keep the motivation high among their employees. What has been a very positive surprise is how strong the “fun and friendly-attitude” is among my new colleagues. Being new to a company is a vulnerable position to be in but people have been very warm and welcoming, striking up spontaneous conversations, asking if I need help with anything, taking me out to lunch and being eager to let me into their groups and teams to discuss how we best can work together moving forward. It is an environment where everyone see themselves as each other’s enablers and I feel that my colleagues want me to succeed, as they want all of their colleagues to succeed, and they want us to succeed together as a company. With that said, it also feels I would be supported even on a day where I didn’t succeed. It is not a “do everything perfectly or you’re out of here”-kind of place. Instead, it is recognized that part of a creative process is to, sometimes, stumble, fall flat on your face, learn from it and move on to the next thing to do.

It is a fast-moving company to belong to and people are always coming up with new ideas on how to improve our products, our offices, our routines and our culture. There is a certain “pulse” to this company, that beats a little faster than your average heart rate, and that makes it feel like I’ve been here for six months, rather than just three weeks. In my opinion, this pulse that I am speaking of, is what fuels the motivation and creativity of the people who work here and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I have worked at many different companies but I can honestly say I’ve never seen a flatter organization the the one at Gears of Leo. Everyone here is valued and appreciated and people are eager to give each other positive feedback all throughout the organization. There is this great sense that I am working with friends, not just colleagues, that I really value at this company.

So now I am eager to see what lies ahead in the next three weeks, three months and three years! I am certain my journey at Gears of Leo will be an eventful one!

Therese, Executive CEO Assistant