Meet Mimmi, Senior Accountant and Finance Team Lead for Sweden. During her two and a half year tenure at Leo, she’s made a serious impact. We sat down with her to discuss her #LeoGrowthStory.

Q: Why did you join LeoVegas?

A: I was headhunted by a recruiter who contacted me through Facebook. Someone had told him about me, but who it was is still a mystery! At that point in time, I was working as an accounting consultant at KPMG which was fun.

Q: What was it like when you first started?

A: When I started, there was no finance department in Stockholm. We had our CFO Viktor and a consulting agency who helped with accounting. As a junior accountant, I brought the accounting “in-house”, but I left the salaries with the agency. Two weeks after I started, we were listed on First North.

Q: What is your role today, and what are your responsibilities?

A:When I’m not analyzing numbers, I work with setting budgets, looking at what costs we can tweak. I also spend time talking with others in the organization to get a better idea of what things cost.

Q: How has your role developed over time?

A: It’s gone from being a solitary role to one where I am the team lead for three people. My role has also becoming increasingly analytical, so I’m working towards acting more as an internal business partner. My ultimate vision is to work with different teams in the organization to plan and increase cost awareness. I want finance to be a team you can bounce ideas off of and collaborate with.

Q: What do you think has helped you to grow in the organization?

A: At the end of my first 8 months, there was a lot I wanted to do that I didn’t have time for. I wanted to be able to spend more time on analysis. I had planned to say this during my first development talk, but my managers suggested it before I even had a chance to say it; they had seen what I wanted to spend more time with. It felt like there was room for me to grow and that they wanted me to develop. Even though it was up to me to take the initiative, my managers supported me the entire time.

Q: What’s something you want other people to know about finance?

A: We have a lot of ideas, and we want to grow with the company. We have so much information that other teams can make use of. For example, we have data that can really support teams in their decision making.  We just need to find the best way to communicate that information.

Q: Have there ever been times when you felt nervous?

A: The shift from working independently to working as a team lead. In the beginning, I was nervous about being a group leader. It’s constantly a balancing act for me between leading and doing. I’m still learning, and I frequently ask other team leads for advice. There are also areas of finance that I want to learn more about, but that’s a different type of challenge.

Q: Do you have any advice for those who want to grow within the organization?

A: Be curious and ask questions. Have an investigative approach. Try things, and evaluate the results. You’ll have support, and mistakes are completely okay. As long as you try, you can go far in the company.