Fika is one of many Scandinavian lifestyle trends to recently take the world by storm. When I came to Sweden, fika was the one of the first Swedish customs I took part in. For those of you who don’t know what fika is, it can be generally described as a warm drink, something sweet, and quality conversation. For a while, I viewed fika primarily as a part of my personal life, something I would have with friends or family.

But when I started work at Gears of Leo, I realized that a proper fika is a weekly event at the office (every Wednesday!). While a Stockholms fika (just coffee or tea) can be had any day of the week at our office, Wednesday fikas are something special. It’s not just because they make for a pretty Instagram (although they always do), but they are also part of the vibrant social life we have here at Gears. It’s a time to step away from your desk for a bit, chat with your co-workers from the other side of the office, and get a little of a sugar and caffeine rush. Having events like these to connect with each other is crucial for a workplace that relies on collaboration and creativity like ours does.  

Fika is about more than how you take your coffee/tea or what kind of bun you choose–it’s about the insights you gain from those you share it with.


-Sarah, Social Media Assistant