As Head of Development for LeoVegas, I focus on our Leo Passion “Leading the way into the mobile future”, which is a challenging and fantastic passion to strive for. The key is to set achievable goals along the way and to create a happy environment so that engineers make the most of their passion and develop great products.

So, how do you practice this in reality?

1. Make sure the direction is clear.

Leadership is about making sure everyone understands where we are heading and why we are going there.This is necessary for setting priorities and making decisions;getting it clear reminds us why we are part of Team Leo.  As a leader, I prioritize getting the right answers and spreading them across the development organization, and I encourage others to do the same.

2. Empower your team to make decisions.

When everyone has the information necessary to make their own decisions, they can try new ways of creating products (i.e. technology, WoW team setup, etc.) This is where our culture comes in, providing a framework for how to act. The combination of flexibility and structure offered by this framework allows us to avoid setting strict rules and building hierarchies.

3. Embrace failure.

When you encourage innovation, you have to expect at least some failure. Rather than seeing failure as something to avoid, I see it as something to embrace, a necessary element of the innovation process. Maintaining an open, respectful climate where we can learn from our mistakes allows us to come up with the great ideas that help us to reach our Leo Passion.


Our teams need instant feedback in order to make their ideas real and feel that they are contributing in a meaningful way. To me, great leadership is ultimately creating an environment for people to grow as individuals, thrive in their profession, and realize their passions.  By challenging the status quo, Leo Development Organization will continue to lead the way into the mobile future.🐾


Martin Löfgren is our Head of Development. He’s passionate about great leadership in strong, value-driven organizations and specializes in fostering outstanding team  and product evolution in a multicultural and highly innovative agile environment.